What if I was hurt at work?


Dr. Gallagher sees many injured workers.  If you were hurt while working, it is very important that you file a claim with your employer and then have your claims adjuster call us to schedule your appointment.  When speaking with our office staff, please make sure to inform us that your visit is for your work-related injuries.   Also, please bring your Workers’ Compensation information and documentation to your appointment.


What if I was in a motor vehicle accident? How does the insurance work?


We will send claims to your motor vehicle carrier.  If those benefits exhaust we will submit claims to your health carrier.  Any amounts not covered by your insurance are your responsibility.  We may also file a lien in your motor vehicle accident claim.


How do I get my prescriptions refilled?


If Dr. Gallagher has previously prescribed medication for you, and he has allowed refills on that prescription, please have your pharmacy fax us a refill request form.  Our staff will process the form and send it back to your pharmacy.  Due to the large volume, please allow 48 to 72 hours for the refill to be completed.  If your prescription refill is for a narcotic, you may be required to schedule an office visit prior to Dr. Gallagher’s authorization for a refill.


How much am I required to pay as a down payment before I have surgery?


The amount of $100.00 must be paid to Dr. Gallagher when your surgery is scheduled.  This acts as a deposit.  We will still bill your insurance(s) for you.


What are the hospitals at which Dr. Gallagher operates?


Dr. Gallagher operates at Jackson County Memorial Hospital in Altus; Elkview General Hospital in Hobart; and Great Plains Ambulatory Surgery Center in Lawton.


If I have an appointment, can Dr. Gallagher also see one of my family members for their orthopedic problems during my visit?


Due to the large volume of patients, and in order to deliver quality care to all patients, Dr. Gallagher can only see the patient for whom the appointment was scheduled at that visit.  Other family members are welcome to schedule an appointment with Dr. Gallagher for any orthopedic issues they may have.


Will I receive a confirmation call?


Yes, our staff will call you on the business day prior to your appointment to remind you of your scheduled appointment time.


What if I do not have insurance?


Dr. Gallagher sees patients who do not have insurance.  In that situation, your payment of $200.00 is due upon checking in.  We will bill you for the remainder, if any.  If you require surgery and do not have insurance, we will be happy to work with you on a payment arrangement.


Do you accept credit and/or debit cards?


Yes, we accept Discover, Visa, and Master Card.


What amount will I be required to pay at my appointment?


Your co-pay, if any, is due and will be collected upon checking in.  Also, if you have a prior balance with us, you may be asked to make a payment on that balance.